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Diversity and Inclusion leadership

Diversity and Inclusion Council

The Diversity and Inclusion Council at Fried Frank is a forum for identifying, prioritizing, and discussing diversity issues, as well as for developing and supporting related initiatives and programs.

Comprised of partners, associates, business services professionals, the Diversity and Inclusion department, and led by our chairman David Greenwald, the Council works to ensure that our firm culture and work environment foster respect for diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity for everyone.

Fried Frank’s Diversity and Inclusion team of four dedicated diversity professionals works closely with the Diversity and Inclusion Council, led by the firm’s chairman David Greenwald, to increase the firm’s workforce diversity and to ensure that Fried Frank is a place of inclusion and belonging, where attorneys and business services professionals have equal access to opportunities and can thrive and reach their full potential.

The firm’s long-term diversity and inclusion strategy is built around four key initiatives: 1) Encouraging partner engagement and accountability; 2) Developing inclusion skills Firmwide; 3) Embedding diversity and inclusion into policies and processes for people, clients and the community; and 4) Elevating Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) as catalysts for change.