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Challenging an arbitration award in the English Courts

Distilling Disputes Series | November 1, 2022

Presented by Fried Frank’s Disputes team, the Distilling Disputes series uses data and graphics to draw out the strategic issues that clients face when litigating disputes in the English Courts and in international commercial and investment arbitration. The third edition focuses on challenges to arbitration awards in the English Courts, summarising the bases for challenge, the procedure, average timings and base rates for success. It also provides comparative data on appeals in respect of English Court decisions and commercial and investment arbitration awards. Please find our third edition here.

Fried Frank’s multi-disciplinary team of barristers and solicitors has extensive experience advising clients in re-evaluating litigation strategies and tactics following their obtaining an unsuccessful outcome in an interlocutory or final decision elsewhere. Short deadlines necessitate a quick, agile and considered response at this crucial stage and the Fried Frank team is focused on results.


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