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Community Economic Development/Micro-enterprise

The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)

The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) promotes entrepreneurial literacy among young people by sponsoring programs across the country and around the world.  In a collaborative effort with NFTE's Business Incubator Program, entrepreneurs from the Foundation's New York City programs are able to work with Fried Frank corporate lawyers and financial advisers from a number of notable financial services companies. The three-month Incubator program runs twice-yearly, and Firm members serve as general counsel, as well as supervising partner.

Attorneys working on this matter:
Sanford Krieger and David W. Selden

Economic-Development Zones and Low-Income Neighborhoods 

Working in conjunction with several organizations, Fried Frank lawyers work with businesses in economic-development zones and low-income neighborhoods.  Through partnership with the Legal Aid Society's Community Development Project, the National Development Corporation, the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship and others, the Firm is pleased to provide expertise and assistance to these worthy recipients. 

National Veterans Business Development Corporation 

Since the fall of 2001, Fried Frank has provided extensive legal support in corporate, tax and employment law to the National Veterans Business Development Corporation in its efforts to form a venture capital fund to make debt and equity investments in established veteran-owned businesses and businesses that support veterans.  The Corporation is a federally chartered organization founded to assist veterans in the formation and expansion of business ventures.  The Firm's Washington DC Office has been instrumental in is helping the federally funded organization become self-sustaining, as mandated by federal law. 

Attorneys working on this matter:
James J. McCullough

Legal Aid Society (LAS) 

Through the Harlem-based Community Development Offices of the Legal Aid Society (LAS), Fried Frank has supplied counsel to dozens of small businesses in Northern Manhattan and Brooklyn. As a result of our collaboration with LAS, we have had the privilege of assisting countless low-income entrepreneurs and not-for-profits with issues related to the operation of their enterprises. One of these organizations is Harlem RBI, a not-for-profit corporation that provides recreational, educational and mentoring services to children in East Harlem. Since 2002 Fried Frank has successfully assisted Harlem RBI in its effort to secure permanent playing fields in East Harlem, and New York Partner Kenneth Rosh is proud to be a member of the organization's Board of Directors.

Attorneys working on this matter:
Kenneth I. Rosh

Volunteers for Legal Service (VOLS) 

Fried Frank provides assistance to Volunteers for Legal Service (VOLS), one of the largest legal service providers. In addition to linking law firms and corporate pro bono clients, VOLS provides a wide range of eldercare services.  In 2004, firm partner Lois Herzeca was elected to the organization's Board of Directors. 

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