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Bankruptcy Assistance Project 

Concerned that certain provisions of the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005 would effectively discourage pro bono lawyers from helping truly needy families to get relief from debts that they could not satisfy, private-bar attorneys (through the Public Service Committee of the Federal Bar Council) and Bankruptcy Judges created the Bankruptcy Assistance Project.  Funding for the project, which helps qualified low-income New York residents through the bankruptcy process, comes from donations by over 30 major New York City Law firms, including Fried Frank.

The Project is designed to ensure that clients who meet with attorneys qualify as low-income (within 200 percent of the federal poverty level guidelines) and would genuinely benefit from bankruptcy.  As a high percentage of these low-income debtors are the working poor, the assistance provided by this project will often be decisive in enabling them to remain in the workforce.  Participating attorneys will defend New York's most vulnerable residents from wage garnishments, property seizures and foreclosures.  Additionally, these attorneys get hands-on experience interviewing clients, preparing bankruptcy petitions and appearing before the court in contested matters.

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