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Representing Victims of Terrorism

Families of Victims of the World Trade Center and Pentagon Attacks

Fried Frank’s domestic offices mounted a major pro bono effort to reach out to the families of victims of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks.

The New York office alone devoted more than 11,000 pro bono hours working on 15 estate administrations, three charitable foundations and nine Victims Compensation Fund (VCF) applications for victims of the World Trade Center attacks. The VCF applications were filed on behalf of the widows, children and parents of five New York City firefighters, a Port Authority policeman and three securities traders.

All of our World Trade Center clients have now received their awards from the VCF. For the eight cases in which we were lead counsel, the presumed awards using the Special Master's assumptions aggregated approximately $6.7 million. The actual awards aggregated approximately $19 million—almost triple the presumed awards, translating to an average increase of about $1.5 million per client.  NERA Economic Consulting contributed economic analysis on a pro bono basis that enabled our teams to evaluate and refine their arguments to the Special Master.

In addition, the Firm's Washington, DC office was successful in nearly doubling the Victim's Compensation Fund award for the widow of a contractor to the Navy Command Center who was killed in the attack on the Pentagon.  The New York office also represented The Legal Aid Society in a dispute with its insurer regarding damage incurred at the Society's headquarters during the World Trade Center attack.

Attorneys working on this matter:
Robert E. Juceam, Ann Berger Lesk, James J. McCullough, Jennifer L. Colyer, Andrew B. Barkan and Sarah F. Warren

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