Partner Richard Steinwurtzel quoted, <i></i>,

Partner Richard Steinwurtzel quoted,, "Google IPO Could Boost Brokers"

In its online article in the May 25th entitled "Google IPO Could Boost Brokers, partner Richard Steinwurtzel indicated that "the Google deal is unlikely to take place before late July, and may not occur until after Labor Day. The regulatory review process, which normally takes several months to complete for a new issuer, may take even longer in Google's case because of the novel auction method that the company intends to use....Steinwurtzel said that the Securities and Exchange Commission will want to ensure that the auction system being proposed for distribution of Google shares works fluidly, is orderly and is well understood. He also predicted that the SEC will want to make sure that individuals participating in the deal understand the risks involved....'I think the [SEC] staff will be intrigued. I don't think they will object to it,' Steinwurtzel said of the Dutch auction method. 'They will want the mechanics laid out, and it will have to be painstakingly commented on.'"