Women's Forum

Women's Forum

The primary mission of the Firm's thriving women's initiative, the Women's Forum, is to foster and develop the talents and abilities of female attorneys across the Firm and to ensure that those talents are best utilized to maintain Fried Frank's excellence in service to our clients and our communities. The Forum is also committed to helping women attorneys at Fried Frank achieve their greatest potential with respect to their professional lives, while maintaining a balance with their personal lives and addressing the challenges they may encounter along the way.

The Women's Forum promotes the professional goals of women attorneys and encourages Firmwide sensitivity to issues that uniquely impact women in the workplace. The Women's Forum presents regular programming to the Firm and to the broader community. Programs include:
  • Discussion groups facilitated by partners designed to foster open communication between women attorneys and with Firm leadership;
  • Professional development training for women attorneys, such as seminars on networking and business development skills;
  • Hosting small group dinners, including for our women summer associates; and
  • Community-building receptions where our partners, counsel and senior associates share their personal and professional stories.
For more information on Fried Frank's Women's Forum, please contact:

Julian Chung

New York Office Leader
Corporate Partner

Jessica Forbes
New York Office Leader
Corporate Partner

Michelle B. Gold
Washington, DC Office Leader
Tax Partner

Fiona Kelly
New York Office Leader
Corporate Partner

Janice Mac Avoy
New York Office Leader
Litigation Partner

Rebecca Neuschatz Zelenka
Washington, DC Office Leader
Corporate Partner

Carol Rosenthal
New York Office Leader
Real Estate Partner

Jennifer A. Yashar
New York Office Leader
Real Estate Partner

Amanda Giglio

New York Office Leader
Litigation Associate

Stephanie Spell
New York Office Leader
Real Estate Associate

Kateherine St. Romain
Washington, DC Office Leader
Litigation Associate

Neda Moussavi
London Office Leader
Antitrust and Competition Associate