Attorney Development

Attorney Development

At Fried Frank, we are committed to the professional development of our attorneys and help them develop the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to become market-leading lawyers. We strive to provide our attorneys with the opportunity to achieve their maximum individual potential through thoughtful and meaningful training programs, mentoring, and effective feedback.

The Firm offers over 175 training programs each year, including cross-departmental and department specific trainings. Cross-departmental training programs focus on improving professional skills, such as writing and presentation skills. Department specific trainings programs focus on developing the requisite skill set necessary to be successful in each of the Firm's individual practice groups.

An incoming associate's formal training starts with the Firm's orientation program, Fried Frank University (“FFU”). FFU is designed to assist recent law school graduates with the transition from law school to the formal practice of law, and acquaints new attorneys with the Firm's culture and business practices. Following FFU, the Firm offers the Attorney Development Series, a set of programs designed to enhance first-year associate skills and associate life. As a third-year associate, the Firm offers the Mid-Level Training Series which is designed to help junior associates make a successful transition into assuming more senior responsibilities. The series includes programs on management, delegation, feedback, communication, and professional and business development skills. The Firm also offers a Business Development Training Series to associates at all levels to help develop the skills they need to create and manage effective client relationships. It includes sessions on client service, social media, business development planning, the pitch process, and networking.

Fried Frank is committed to maintaining a supportive environment in which learning and professional development are a continuous and valued process. One of the ways we achieve this is through formal associate and partner mentoring programs. Each associate who joins the Firm is provided an associate advisor who provides mentoring and guidance to help navigate the challenges of practicing and identify and support each person's individual needs and path to success. First year associates participate in a partner mentoring program designed to provide support and assistance to new associates through monthly group meetings with a partner facilitator. After associates complete their first year, they are matched with an individual partner advisor to serve as a resource throughout their tenure at the Firm.

Fried Frank strives to provide regular constructive feedback to our associates, focusing on helping them to become well-rounded attorneys. New associates are formally evaluated twice in their first year and then annually every fall. Our formal review process is supplemented with informal feedback through-out the year. Associates are also provided the opportunity to give upward feedback to their peers.

Associates Committee
The Fried Frank Associates Committee comprises associates from various departments and class levels who are committed to enhancing associate life. Through an open dialogue with Firm Leadership, the committee provides input regarding training, mentoring, feedback, and other topics of interest to associates at the Firm.