Internal Investigations and Monitoring

Internal Investigations and Monitoring

Fried Frank attorneys have a history of working on both national and international internal investigations under circumstances that require the greatest discretion.  Among other things, Fried Frank’s Internal Investigations and Monitoring practice conducts internal investigations on behalf of corporations and their boards of directors, as well as for other private- and public-sector entities.

The goal of an internal investigation is to find the facts, usually in a climate of heightened sensitivity and potential risk to the company, its board and its senior executives.  We possess the necessary experience and combination of skills to develop the facts in sensitive environments, and we have conducted such investigations in a variety of industries covering diverse subject matters, including pharmaceuticals, health care, accounting, securities, financial services, data security and forensic science.  

We often handle investigations that address allegations of fraud and other forms of serious misconduct.  We assist company representatives in determining an appropriate response, along with fully and accurately informing management, a board or an audit committee of all relevant facts and whether any violations of law or internal policies have occurred.  We have the experience, skill and knowledge of the regulatory and criminal landscape to help companies, their boards and senior executives make the right decisions.  

In many instances, we and our clients define success by the representations that are not a matter of public record because, with our help, our clients have not faced any public action.  We also conduct investigations in high profile matters where the results of the investigation are expected to be widely disseminated and our competence, integrity, and reputation are central to restoring public confidence. We also provide monitoring and oversight services to public agencies and private entities as special masters or independent monitors.

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