Structured Finance and Securitization

Fried Frank has long been a leader in the representation of issuers, underwriters and buyers in all types of private- and public-sector securities offerings in the US and abroad.  We have participated in a wide variety of securitizations and other structured financings, applying creative analysis and devising effective approaches to complex structural challenges presented by our clients.

We have participated in closed transactions, including high-yield cash-flow collateralized bond obligations, collateralized debt obligations and collateralized loan obligations, emerging-market CBOs, synthetic CLOs, market-value CBOs, mortgage-backed CBOs and other structured products, including risk transfer transactions. 

We also handle securitizations involving other asset classes, such as automobile loans, trade receivables, capital commitments and residential, commercial and multifamily mortgages, including pool transactions on behalf of buyers and sellers, and we seek to assist clients requiring structured finance expertise applied to unique transactions.

Our firm has generally represented the underwriter and served as transaction counsel but has also acted as collateral manager's counsel, portfolio adviser's counsel, purchaser's counsel and US counsel on foreign transactions.

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