Environmental Litigation

We represent companies in enforcement proceedings brought by the government, including companies named as potentially responsible parties (PRPs) at Superfund sites throughout the US, and in a broad range of private environmental litigation, including statutory cost recovery, contribution claims and contractual and indemnification disputes arising under complex transactional documents. Our attorneys are conversant with every phase of the Superfund process and have participated in Superfund allocation and other proceedings in most Environmental Protection Agency regions.  Our experience includes:

  • Assisting with responses to EPA requests for information and provide guidance and counsel in the event of unilateral administrative orders or judicial enforcement proceedings.
  • Overseeing investigations designed to characterize the scope and extent of site contamination, working with consultants to formulate and implement cleanup plans, negotiating consent orders and decrees, evaluating settlement options and resolving cost allocation issues.
  • Negotiating settlements involving governmental PRPs.

We also represent clients in proceedings with many state agencies involving site contamination.

We also represent parties in arbitrations or other forms of alternative dispute resolution involving cleanup claims at sites throughout the country.  We have also represented clients in connection with environmental criminal matters, in which we work closely with the Firm's white-collar criminal practice.

We work closely with consultants in specialized fields such as product safety, toxicology, epidemiology and risk assessment.

We also represent sponsors and developers of real estate projects in proceedings by project opponents who claim that federal, state and local environmental reviews of those projects were not properly undertaken.

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