Asset Management

Asset Management

Advising in All Aspects of Hedge Fund Structuring, Offering and Operations

Attorneys working in our alternative investments practice have extensive experience advising sponsors, managers and broker-dealers in all aspects of the structuring, offering and ongoing operations of domestic and international investment vehicles, including hedge funds, privately placed and registered funds of hedge funds and exchange funds. Over the past several years, our efforts have helped these clients raise close to $50 billion in assets.

The asset management practice has been involved in efforts to structure and market numerous cutting-edge products designed to access alternative investments, including derivatives tied to portfolios of hedge funds, various managed account platforms, collateralized fund obligations, principal-protected notes and other debt-type instruments the returns of which are linked to hedge funds, hedge fund indexes and index-related securities, and hedge fund products for sale to variable life insurance policy holders.

We also have experience assisting our corporate and asset management clients in structuring, negotiating and documenting a wide array of derivatives, including options, swaps, convertible instruments, structured notes and other instruments that relate to interest rates, currencies, financial indexes, commodities, securities and other reference items.

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