Executive Compensation & ERISA

Executive Compensation & ERISA

Defensive Reviews for Potential Takeover Targets

We advise our clients on compensation and benefit issues that arise in the event of a potential takeover.  We know that a company's most valuable resource, its people, is most vulnerable in a pending takeover, with the departure or distraction of key personnel potentially adversely affecting the company's business.

When working with a potential takeover target, we address steps the company should take to ensure that its compensation and benefit programs effectively deal with the consequences of a change in control.  We ensure that appropriate severance and golden parachute arrangements are in place so that management continuity is encouraged when most critical.  We also conduct a comprehensive review of a company's compensation programs in regard to change of control.

Our practice also works with senior management and boards of directors to ensure that the reasonable expectations of executives and employees are not adversely affected by a change in control of the company.

In the event of a hostile takeover attempt, we react quickly to focus on the anticipated compensation and benefits issues that may arise, including executive retention.

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