Executive Compensation & ERISA

Executive Compensation & ERISA

Fiduciary Responsibilities Under ERISA

We provide clients with guidance on ERISA's complex fiduciary responsibility and prohibited transaction rules.

Our practice counsels clients on the duties and obligations of investment managers, plan sponsors, investment committees and other plan fiduciaries under the prohibited transaction and fiduciary responsibility provisions of ERISA, and assist clients in addressing violations of their fiduciary obligations through the Department of Labor's Voluntary Fiduciary Correction Program.

We represent clients in government audits, investigations, enforcement proceedings and litigation arising in connection with employee benefit plans and before regulatory agencies in seeking advisory opinions, prohibited transaction exemptions and determination letters.

Our attorneys also counsel clients who are plan sponsors or fiduciaries in meeting their various obligations under ERISA.  We provide advice on plan investments, including diversification and prudence issues, plan administration and benefit claims and with respect to ERISA's various disclosure and notification requirements.

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