The False Claims Act And <em>Qui Tam</em> Actions: Current Enforcement Trends And Hot Topics In The Courts

The False Claims Act And Qui Tam Actions: Current Enforcement Trends And Hot Topics In The Courts

Clear Law Institute Online Continuing Education

Washington, DC litigation partner Douglas W. Baruch and litigation special counsel Jennifer M. Wollenberg will participate in a live webinar sponsored by Clear Law Institute.
The webinar will provided an overview of the federal False Claims Act (FCA) and its qui tam provision and will explore recent key decisions, enforcement trends, and any major legislative and regulatory changes over the last year or so.
Through this webinar, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of the FCA, including its qui tam provision.
  • Gain an appreciation for what is at risk under the FCA.
  • Appreciate the on-going impact of and debate over the Supreme Court's decision in U.S. ex rel. Escobar v. Universal Health Services.
  • Understand the importance of recent appellate court decisions concerning both the correct causation standard and the statute of limitations analysis in certain qui tam cases.
  • Recognize various DOJ enforcement guidance – including the Yates, Brand, and Granston Memos – and appreciate what each means in the FCA context.
  • Acquire an awareness of other relevant developments in the FCA/qui tam space.