ACI’s 5th Advanced Forum on False Claims & <em>Qui Tam</em> Enforcement

ACI’s 5th Advanced Forum on False Claims & Qui Tam Enforcement

American Conference Institute
Location: New York, NY

Washington, DC litigation partner Douglas W. Baruch will speak at the 5th Annual False Claims & Qui Tam Enforcement Conference. Mr. Baruch will participate on the panel, "Focus on Financial Services Industry: Latest Developments on False Claims & FIRREA" and will discuss:

  • Mortgage fraud: DOJ's Pursuit of FHA/VA Lenders continues
    • Latest settlements
    • Update on Quicken FCA litigation
    • Lessons from the Allied FCA/FIRREA case
    • Update on DOJ efforts to pursue individuals
    • FIRREA case against Deutsche Bank official
  • Federal Task Forces created to combat “disaster fraud”
    • FCA lessons from “Katrina”
  • SEC whistleblower programs

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