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How do I apply for a summer associate position?

Every year, our attorneys visit a large number of schools across the country to recruit our next summer and fall classes.  We will conduct on-campus interviews and participate in job fair programs at over 25 law schools.  If Fried Frank does not interview on campus at your law school, we strongly encourage all qualified applicants to apply directly to us by sending a cover letter, along with a copy of your resume and transcript.  This can be done directly on our website.

What can I expect during the callback interview?

Each student who receives and accepts a callback interview should expect to interview with four attorneys (two partners and/or special counsel and two associates).  We ask that you plan to spend approximately 2-3 hours at our office.

How soon will I be notified about the decision regarding my candidacy?

All of our candidates are reviewed by our Attorney Recruitment Committee.  Our goal is to respond to all students within two weeks of the callback interview.

I received an offer, but I still have questions - what do I do?

We strongly encourage all candidates who have received an offer for our summer associate program to ask questions of both our attorneys and our Attorney Recruitment Department.  We can arrange for a second visit, coordinate a follow-up lunch or dinner with partners and associates or arrange for you to speak to additional attorneys by telephone.

How long is the summer program? 

The summer program is ten weeks long.

What is the summer associate salary?

Summer associates receive a semi-monthly salary of $7,916.67.

Does the Firm allow split summers?

We strongly encourage summer associates to spend their entire summer with us but realize there may be compelling reasons for a split summer.  Such requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Is there a mentor program in place for summer associates?

All summer associates are paired up with one partner mentor, two associate advisors, and one junior associate buddy.  These individuals play an important role in the summer program as they assist in integrating summer associates into the Firm and make themselves available to answer questions throughout the summer program.

What are some of the social activities provided for summer associates?

We believe social activities are a great way for summer associates and attorneys to get to know each other in a relaxed and informal setting and such activities are an integral part of the summer program.  Our 2018 summer associate program included Shakespeare in the Park, a U2 concert, a Yankees baseball game, an evening at the Whitney, an Advisor Field Day outing at Liberty State Park, and other fun events.

Are summer associates assigned to specific practice areas during the summer?

Fried Frank's New York office does not have a formal rotation system.  Subject to availability, summer associates are allowed to work on assignments from as many departments/practice groups as they like.  They can also focus on only one or two departments/practice areas if they have very well developed ideas about the kind of legal work they want to do.  This flexible approach to assignments allows summer associates to play a significant role in deciding what type of work they do while in the summer program.

How do summer associates receive their work assignments?

The distribution of summer associate assignments is coordinated through the Attorney Recruitment Department with a dedicated department member serving as the Work Assignment Coordinator.  All of the summer associate assignments are managed in a centralized database and are distributed to each summer associate based on his or her practice area preference. 
Summer associates also are offered opportunities to accompany attorneys to court appearances, attend depositions, witness preparation sessions and client meetings, and observe negotiation sessions and corporate closings.

Are summer associates required to bill a minimum number of hours?

There is no requirement or expectation that summer associates will bill a minimum number of hours.

What kind of pro bono projects can I expect to have the opportunity to work on as a summer associate?

All summer associates are required to complete 20 hours of pro bono during the summer program.  Summer associates have the opportunity to assist on a range of ongoing pro bono matters.  They also handle their own pro bono matters through such organizations as Her Justice, the Courtroom Advocates Project of Sanctuary for Women, and Volunteers of Legal Service.  In addition, some summer associates also get to do two-week externships at organizations such as the Legal Aid Society, Children's Rights, and the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House. Summer associates also participate in a community service day.

What kind of training can I expect to receive as a summer associate?

The summer program offers a great deal of substantive training, as well as a seminar series that covers a wide-variety of legal subjects.  Summer associates can also attend CLE programs and department and practice group luncheons and training sessions.

How are summer associates evaluated and provided with feedback?

Each attorney who supervises the work of a summer associate submits an evaluation upon the completion of the project.  We also encourage attorneys to give verbal feedback to the summer associates with whom they work on an on-going basis.  Each summer associate receives a formal mid-summer and exit performance review.  These reviews are designed to give summer associates information on how they are progressing, as well as to allow summer associates the opportunity to give us feedback on the summer program.

What kind of professional development does Fried Frank offer?

Fried Frank is committed to giving each of our attorneys the experiences and skills needed to develop into preeminent lawyers in their fields.  Our Professional Development Department is dedicated to the professional development of our attorneys through training, feedback, staffing, coaching, and mentoring.

What types of training programs are available to associates at Fried Frank?

Our Professional Development Department develops, implements and monitors the professional training programs and continuing legal educational needs of the Firm's attorneys.  Our training consists of both i) cross-departmental training programs that are focused on improving the general professional skills of our attorneys, and ii) department-specific training programs designed to equip our attorneys with the requisite skills needed to master their respective practices.