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Client Memoranda
CFTC Approves Supplement to Position Limits Proposal June 6, 2016
Authors: William J. Breslin, David S. Mitchell
CFTC Update:  No-Action Relief from Regulation 3.10(c)(3)(i) Clearing Requirement February 17, 2016
Authors: David S. Mitchell, Kristin D. Corapi
Dodd-Frank Update: CFTC and Prudential Regulators Each Finalize Rules on Margin for Swap Dealers, Creating New Challenges for Asset Managers January 20, 2016
Authors: William J. Breslin, Robert M. McLaughlin, David S. Mitchell, Victoria T. Mazgalev
SEC’s New Proposed Rule on the Use of Derivatives May Impact Business Development Companies December 23, 2015
Authors: Jessica Forbes, Stuart H. Gelfond, David S. Mitchell, Stacey Song
CFTC Update: CFTC Approves Supplement to 2013 Proposed Aggregation Rules September 25, 2015
Authors: William J. Breslin, Scott I. Golden, Victoria T. Mazgalev, Robert M. McLaughlin, David S. Mitchell
Alerts and Newsletters
Guide to FINRA's New Communications with the Public Rule Oct 19, 2012
Authors: Gregory P. Gnall, Linda Riefberg
FINRA Pilots a Program Aimed at Large Arbitration Matters Jul 13, 2012
Authors: Linda Riefberg, David Morris
Fifth Year Anniversary of Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Act July 2015
Source: Futures and Derivatives Law Report
Authors: David S. Mitchell
The CFTC's New Culture of Imposing Significant and Sweeping Sanctions May 2013
Source: Futures and Derivatives Law Report
Authors: Kevin Harnisch, David Mitchell and Andrew Smith
Over-the-Counter Derivative Products: A Guide to Business and Legal Risk Management and Documentation Sep 4, 1998
Source: McGraw-Hill
Authors: Robert M. McLaughlin

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