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Client Memoranda
Personenbezogene Daten bei "Asset Deal" Unternehmenskäufen February 2, 2016
Authors: Dr. Jürgen van Kann, Philip Rosak
Transfer of personal data in German M&A asset deal transactions January 22,2016
Authors: Dr. Jürgen van Kann, Philip Rosak  
Europäischer Datenschutz: Kein „sicherer Hafen“ vor dem aufkommenden Sturm? October 13, 2015
Authors: Dr. Jürgen van Kann, James Kitching, Dr. Jörg Buschbaum, Simon Camilleri, Anjela Keiluweit  
Schrems v Data Protection Commissioner: No “Safe Harbor” from the Oncoming Storm? October 6, 2015
Authors: James Kitching, Simon Camilleri
Supreme Court Holds that “Business Methods” May Be Patented as “Inventions” in the United States Jun 29, 2010
Authors: James W. Dabney, Stephen S. Rabinowitz, Henry C. Lebowitz, John F. Duffy
Squaring up to NPEs September 2015
Source: Intellectual Property Magazine
Authors: Scott W. Doyle, Jonathan R. DeFosse, Jeremy Jones, Joshua Kresh
Supreme Court's Commil Decision Offers Both Good and Bad News for Patent Holders Jul 17, 2015
Source: Bloomberg BNA's Patent Trademark & Copyright Journal  
Authors: Scott W. Doyle, Jonathan R. DeFosse, Ted M. Nissly, Joshua A. Kresh
AIPLA supports en banc rehearing in Akamai v. Limelight on single entity infringement rule June 24, 2015
Source: IPWatchdog
Authors: Jeffrey I.D. Lewis, Kristin M. Whidby
Entering the Innovation Twilight Zone: How Patent and Antitrust Law Must Work Together  June 24, 2015
Source: Social Science Research Network
Authors: Jeffrey I.D. Lewis
Brulotte Rule Upheld Despite Suspect Economic Rationale Jun 23, 2015
Source: Law360
Authors: Scott W. Doyle, Jonathan R. DeFosse, Kristin Whidby, Ted Nissly, Jeremy Jones


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