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Client Memoranda
Europäischer Datenschutz: Kein „sicherer Hafen“ vor dem aufkommenden Sturm? October 13, 2015
Authors: Dr. Jürgen van Kann, James Kitching, Dr. Jörg Buschbaum, Simon Camilleri, Anjela Keiluweit  
Schrems v Data Protection Commissioner: No “Safe Harbor” from the Oncoming Storm? October 6, 2015
Authors: James Kitching, Simon Camilleri
Supreme Court Holds that “Business Methods” May Be Patented as “Inventions” in the United States Jun 29, 2010
Authors: James W. Dabney, Stephen S. Rabinowitz, Henry C. Lebowitz, John F. Duffy
Obama Administration Announces Proposed Comprehensive Reform to U.S. Export Control System, Including Single Licensing Agency and Single Control List Apr 26, 2010
Authors: Jay R. Kraemer, G. M. Grimmett, III
Squaring up to NPEs September 2015
Source: Intellectual Property Magazine
Authors: Scott W. Doyle, Jonathan R. DeFosse, Jeremy Jones, Joshua Kresh
Supreme Court's Commil Decision Offers Both Good and Bad News for Patent Holders Jul 17, 2015
Source: Bloomberg BNA's Patent Trademark & Copyright Journal  
Authors: Scott W. Doyle, Jonathan R. DeFosse, Ted M. Nissly, Joshua A. Kresh
AIPLA supports en banc rehearing in Akamai v. Limelight on single entity infringement rule June 24, 2015
Source: IPWatchdog
Authors: Jeffrey I.D. Lewis, Kristin M. Whidby
Entering the Innovation Twilight Zone: How Patent and Antitrust Law Must Work Together  June 24, 2015
Source: Social Science Research Network
Authors: Jeffrey I.D. Lewis
Brulotte Rule Upheld Despite Suspect Economic Rationale Jun 23, 2015
Source: Law360
Authors: Scott W. Doyle, Jonathan R. DeFosse, Kristin Whidby, Ted Nissly, Jeremy Jones


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