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A Progress Report on the Obama Administration's Export Control Reform Agenda

By: Mario Mancuso, Jay R, Kraemer, Melissa D'Arcy, Michael Ginsberg

In April 2010, the Obama Administration announced a comprehensive export control reform effort. The goal of the reforms was to modernize the export control system to respond to the current threats the U.S. faces by strengthening controls over key strategic goods and technologies, while reducing controls over items that have less strategic significance.  The Administration sought a new export control system whose guiding principle is "building high walls around a smaller yard."  See Fact Sheet on the President's Export Control Reform Initiative, April 20, 2010, available at

A little more than a year into this reform effort, it is worthwhile to look back at what has been accomplished thus far, look forward to the next stages of the effort, and consider some of the biggest challenges to the reform process going forward.

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