Trump Administration Tightens Cuba Sanctions

By: Michael T. Gershberg, Justin A. Schenck

On June 16, 2017, President Trump announced a revised U.S. policy toward Cuba, partially reversing the more liberal Cuba policy pursued by President Obama beginning in December 2014.  The main practical effects of the new policy are that U.S. persons may no longer pursue “individual people-to-people travel” to Cuba or transact with Cuban military and intelligence agencies and their controlled affiliates.  Although President Trump strongly opposed the Obama administration's approach to U.S.-Cuba relations, the policy announced on Friday rolls back only a limited portion of the trade reforms enacted over the past two years.  The Departments of Commerce and the Treasury are required to initiate a process within 30 days to amend their Cuba-related regulations, and the newly announced changes will not take effect until those regulations are final.

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